Your submissive’s demand or need for punishment is quickly entering BDSM practice . The failure of imagination quickly arrived. Here are some ideas of punishment to perhaps give you others because punishing your submissive requires creativity!

Certainly, the – the submissive – has done something that is displeasing to the Dominant and needs to be corrected. But punishment also has a greater interest: an educational interest . The education of the submissive aims to allow him to grow internally by understanding his faults. Allowing his submissive to understand his faults allows him to develop Dominatrix London freedom to think , know his limits , Dominatrix Dublinknow his emotions , manage and control himself so as not to make mistakes. Punishment is never really sadistic.

In a BDSM relationship, punishment is also a pleasure for both of them, otherwise it is abuse. It would be important, in this reflection, to take into account, that the submissive is free to end a D / s relationship and will do so if the dominant or dominatrix does not respect his or her submissive.

A Dominatrix Dublin wants to “grow up” with his dominant. Punishment is an outlet and allows you to grow internally. Any submissive with a little experience will tell you.

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