The collar in BDSM is undoubtedly one of the main thematic attributes among other devices and symbols. It has long been a symbol of the power of one person over another, a symbol of a slave’s belonging to his master, a sign of ownership and control.

Purpose and application

  • The attribute is widely used in themed role-playing games because it is
  • A symbol of subordination of one person to another, a symbol of a slave, lower, submissive.
  • The symbol of the slave’s belonging to her Master.
  • A device that limits the physical mobility of a slave makes her dependent on the length of the chain attached to it.
  • A device that allows you to control your slave, direct her to where you need to or pull on the leash when disobedient.
  • A beautiful themed decoration.

The feeling of being “bound in a collar” plays an important psychological role and creates the necessary mood of dependence for the sub, the feeling that the slave is tightly bound and belongs to him – for the Master.

Overlay ritual

In BDSM there is a so-called ritual of accepting or putting on a collar for humans. For the most part, it refers to a lifestyle relationship, but in a simplified version it can happen every time in a session relationship. (We provide an example scenario, you can use it with any of your variations).

Before the ritual, the girl is invited to think carefully about whether she is ready to become a slave. Perhaps she should talk to her top one again and clarify some issues for herself. Usually the procedure itself is postponed for a month after the decision is made. During this month, the slave is already fulfilling her duties and receiving punishments, but she can simply change her decision to become a slave of a potential Master without any obligations. If the girl does not change her mind, then proceed directly to the ceremony. Each House has its own ceremony, we give a certain average version.

A naked and barefoot slave kneels in front of the Lord, puts her lips on his leg, straightens up and remains in a pose of humility – on her knees, hands behind her back, head down.

The dominant puts a BDSM collar on the slave’s neck and gives her a new name.

Then the Master attaches a chain or leash to it with one end, and puts the other end in front of the slave. She must raise this end and without raising her head, in bow, bring her in her arms to the Lord.

The master accepts the end of the leash (chain) from the hands of the slave. At the same time, she must thank him for agreeing to take her into slavery, educate and train her.

Ceremony items do not have to be held in silence. It is quite possible for partners to talk and voice their actions in advance. In this case, the tone of the slave should be meek and humble, and the voice of the Upper – strong-willed and imperious.

Choosing a collar for a slave

How big is the difference between a human collar and an animal collar? Yes, there is a difference and it is significant! Pet accessories are sold in pet stores and most of them are not suitable for people. And the dimensions are large, and the material is not very good, and the inscriptions on them are not the same. A neck ring for people should be comfortable, beautiful, stylish, thematic, fit and not rub the neck. Although some people prefer brutal thick leather devices with spikes for their bottoms.

When choosing a collar for a slave girl, first of all, you should pay attention to how cute the device is for you and how it will look on the neck of your lower one. Up to whether it suits her eye or hair color. Of course, IMHO, but it seems to us that, for example, blondes are more suitable for a steel silver color, and for brunettes – black leather with a silver inscription. If you saw what you liked – do not rush to give your money away. Make sure the device fits your bottom and is not too heavy for everyday wear.

You should also pay attention to the quality of the device. The leather should be high-quality, the stitches are even, the threads should not hang. Try rubbing your skin with your finger – there should be no ink marks on your finger. If you have chosen a steel device, make sure that the metal is processed with high quality without scoring and burrs. A good metal accessory is made of stainless steel; aluminum can also paint the leather gray-black. If the device is equipped with a lock, make sure that it works properly and that the key fits into the keyhole (repeat the opening-closing procedure several times).

As a leash in BDSM, you should choose an elegant leather harness or not a thick twisted chain ending in a leather loop for the hand.

It is worth choosing a device by first determining for what purposes you will use it. If you are interested in a fetish gaming device – it can be anything – studded, riveted, but even a dog! If you will be using it for fixing, make sure you have strong metal fasteners to which you can attach a leash or chain. However, if you intend to turn it on for a long time, you should approach the choice more carefully so that the girl is more or less tolerant of being in it for a long time. For permanent wear, you should choose either a leather version that will not rub your neck, or a very thin and light steel one.

Here are some of the most common options: leather, steel, and combo:

The easiest option:

For permanent wear – leather, inside covered with soft clothing leather. Such a device is very convenient, it is quite possible to wear it as a decoration, even to work :), without causing any special questions. No seams, rivets or frills – austere and elegant.

More functional leather option:

With steel rivets and trailer hook for leash. It is used not only for wearing, but also for fixing.

For constant wear

Light and inconspicuous – such an attribute for a girl’s neck is perceived as decoration and can easily be dressed on the street or to work. Can be locked. If you choose a sample made of good stainless steel, it will last a very, very long time.

Another example of a piece of jewelry for a lady, which implies constant wearing

Fetish steel collar.

Such a device is certainly not intended for constant wearing, but it is good for creating an entourage during sessions. Can also be used for punishment (such as sleep deprivation)


BDSM collar made of stainless steel strip with leather lining, with rivets ornaments. It can be called decorative, since there are no places for fixing.

Separately, I would like to say about collars for Dominants and Dominants. Although according to the canons, this BDSM attribute is considered the prerogative of the lower ones – nevertheless, they are also found on the upper ones. However, only as decoration.

As you can see, the choice of devices is very large, besides, you can always make a sample to order. So the choice for your submissive is limited only by your imagination.

Safe application

Thoughtless use of any BDSM device can be unsafe. The neck ring is no exception, especially since it is worn on such a vulnerable place as the throat. When you buy a collar for a girl, you must understand exactly how it will be used on the neck of your bottom. For example,

if he just denotes its belonging to you, then you can choose a narrow thin leather – checker (or choker).

if it is assumed that you will train a girl in it by pulling her leash, then it is better to buy a device made of thick leather (so that it is guaranteed to withstand jerks) and wide (so as not to injure the neck).

if you plan to chain her to something as a punishment, then your choice is steel with a lock.

Most of these devices, with the exception of steel ones, are adjustable. It is very important that it sits on the woman’s neck correctly, without dangling or twisting, and also not making it difficult to swallow and breathe. If you are training a woman with a collar, then you should not make any excessive efforts, pulling the leash. The bottom is not a dog. Animals have thicker skin and wool, all this weakens the pressing effect of the device. A person has none of this, and the respiratory tract and large vessels are located almost next to the surface of the skin.

Remember that these paraphernalia are not intended to be hung! If you have conceived something in this spirit, remember that the lady must have support for her legs, and you must not leave her even for a minute. It is usually allowed to fasten a slave by the collar so that the chain from it goes up to the hook in an interference fit, i.e. she could not go anywhere from the place where you chained her and not change the posture of the body.

When pulling on the leash in a BDSM game, do not overdo it, especially if you are used to pulling your dog this way. A woman’s neck is much more sensitive than the neck of an animal.

Where can you buy collars for humans?

BDSM collars for people for every taste and color are sold in specialized stores of themed paraphernalia. There is a wide selection, and you can choose the option that suits you in color, shape, size and price. We do not recommend that you buy the device in regular sex shops. Usually there is practically no choice, and the devices that are offered to you are quite far from being fully functional in the theme.

In stores of themed paraphernalia, you will be offered leather and metal, of various colors (usually black, red and silver), with a variety of fittings and workmanship, with padlocks and triple locks, narrow and wide. There is also a large selection of different leashes and snap hooks. Prices for them fluctuate over a very wide range, starting from 500 rubles and ending with 10,000 rubles.

For many submissives, this attribute is the main symbol of belonging to the Dominant; many even develop a fetish for this device. Girls with a collar look touching, addictive and sexy. So do not deprive your subs and yourself of this pleasure.

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